My Birthday

When I was younger I could never understand why older people didn't get excited about their own birthdays, but now I know. Its strange how that transition happened to me and I can not say when I stopped being happy about getting older. As kids we always made sure to increase our age by any possible month we could, but now I would like not to mention numbers.

Living in Australia for 7 years helped me discover many different cultures, and their cuisine. I love good food and I love to cook. I dont think there is any such a thing as "I dont know"... you just take a recipe and start cooking. I always like to be creative when it comes to cooking, so here you will find lots of my cooking and I am hoping you will enjoy it.

For my birthday (7th of March) I made Tiramisu. It was the first time ever for me so I just followed the recipe I found from a woman in New Zealand named Megan, on Youtube:

So here are photos of the one I made... it was not very hard making it, but trying to find all the ingredients here in Denmark proved almost imposible, and so expensive! Almost 40€! And here I was, wondering why I never made it before!

My lovely husband made a special Greek stew (made with veal) called Stifado: one of my favorite dishes. So I had to post these photos as well, of his cooking process. I hope you like it!


Миррослав Б Душанић said...

...моја маленкост налази за сходно (овко виртуелно) да Вам зажели
остварење Ваших жњља и...и све што се под тим подразимијева!


(да не постим, придружио бих се трпези...ха...ха...)

Nomad said...

Hvala Miroslave, a pridruzi se trpezi posle uskrsa.
Postavicemo mi virtuelnu trpezu i za uskrs.

Do tada puno pozdrava,

Savko Pećić Pesa said...

Ah, da je samo iz naših krajeva zdravo i prirodno. Prijatno, da mogu i ja bih se pridružio.


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