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Some things you may not know...

I enjoy creating Art and now it is starting to be my profession as well. Until recently I was not sure what would be the medium I would use, as I have experimented in a lot of directions. Now I know it will be oil paints only.

I have a huge passion and love for interior decorating and architecture. I admire the work that has been done done on the buildings and when I see neglected houses I feel like giving them their life back with renovation.

I love travel and cooking. Love to learn about history, cultures and cooking in all the different places and would still love to visit a lot of them, like Italy, Spain, Morocco, Egypt etc. I don't believe in war and religion used as tool to divide the people, but it is a history as well as it is a reality.
Photography is also something that I like from time to time, but need to be inspired by my surroundings.

Beside all of the above I love Greece and the sea, gardening and all the flowers, music, moves, old books, old hats and gloves, antiques, walking, and Brown Brothers Cienna wine.

But most of all I love my husband and my family, without them I wouldn't be who I am today.

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Farabi said...

u r amazingly beautiful.and u cook very nice...i am in pakistan and a male also i dont know how to cook but surely ill tell my mom to cook one of ur dishes...regards


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