The Pomeranian is a lively little dog

Yes, I could say my husband and I are very borded living in Denmark! But not long ago on to the way to city we always see this little Pomeranian that goes APESHIT every time we pass its window! But now it has become a source of entertainment for Dimitri and I as we stop and greet and provoke him! But here is more why they are like that: Because of this breeds tiny size and it's adorable Ewok looking face, there are a very high percentage of Pomeranian who fall victim to Small Dog Syndrome! They can become reserved with strangers, barking at them excessively, and sometimes growling, snapping and biting. Because most humans treat this tiny canine in such a manner that the dog does not see them as pack leader, they are not recommended for children. Well now we know why :)


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Watchoo gonna do from behind that glass, BEYOTCH??!


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