Dimitri's Birthday

Today it's my husbands birthday, and you will see on this photo that there are no birthday candles (so we improvised), and if you are wondering why there is no cream on top of the cake, it's because it tastes great without it. I made him his fave cake that originates from Serbia, and a big part of it is Plazma keks (biscuits made in Serbia)! In the nineties Plazma received awards from Europe and other parts of the world. In the winter of 2005 Plazma was awarded with the most important acknowledgment – the best Serbian product chosen by the consumers.

Here is an ad for it:

I would advise you to try if you didn't try it yet :)


Blog Author said...

Mmmmm, plazzzzmaaaa! NOM! NOM! NOM! NOM!

Dimi3 said...

My Name is Dimitri, too and Feb 27th is my birthday!! Where is my cake? :(

Through My Kitchen Window said...

Today is my son Mitchell's Birthday. When I was in the shops I came across his favourite country and western singer. I politely asked "John Williamson" if he would say happy birthday to my son on the phone to surprise him and he did! So very nice of him to do that.
Mitchell said that for next year (he turns 21) he would like Ana Ivanovic to call him up then he would be really happy. So funny.

Nomad said...

Happy Birthday to your son :) It's great that you did that for your son but I don't know the John Williamson but I know about Ana and I know why he want a call ;)haha
Lots of regards to your family and enjoy the party.


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