In Memory of Jonny

About 6 years ago my parents got this cute mixed breed dog, and for some reason called him Jonny!

He was a very cute little dog with a charming underbite... In the photo I am putting here he looks perfect as that is what he deserve in his last photo! Yes poor thing went to visit a dog next door he knew well (Rottweiler), however there was one more dog there who didn’t like Jonny being there!! You can imagine what happened- in all the fighting Jonny was mauled and killed by 2 Rottweilers !

I am very upset about it and thinking what I am going to do!! I have to say that the same 2 Rottweilers came to my parent’s yard and attacked and killed a small pig in his pig pen. I was heart broken that that poor pig had such a horrible death. I am enraged and will take action.

In Memory of Jonny


Blog Author said...

Heres to Jonny! *Ziverli*

Pat said...

Dear Mirjana,

Thank you for your comment on my blog today, April 22nd. I have just seen this cute little photo of poor Jonny, and am so sorry about what happened to him. What did you finally do about what happened?

Nomad said...

We could not do anything. My sister went to the police and they said you should reported when the pig was attacked, now we can not do anything but if it happens again call!! And for Jonny, he went to the dogs him self to play with femail dog as they know each other well, but the mail dog was not happy and they start fighting and that was the end (poor Jonny).

Thanks for asking, I as so upset when I found out :(

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