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Just few photos from our recent mini break with our friends from Sweden.
Margaret river region and wine tasting.

My husband, Dimitri, felt compelled to write an article on my blog.
Whilst his personal blog Sorcery of Scent is related solely to his passion for perfumes, we feel this is the ideal platform to introduce you to an 'unknown' artist - one with an interesting story at that -: Béla Husserl.

In September we spent the Northern summer in Europe. Nothing pleases us more than to reconnect with family and friends, and enjoy the comforts and wonders of the continent. This year, whilst travelling through Vienna, Austria, we chanced upon a small antiques market right outside the Viennese Opera House in the 1st betzerk. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and we spent the best part of an hour hovering over tables and peering through vitrines that held treasures both rich and rare.

Perhaps the most charming piece - in my eyes at least - was a lovely framed Art Nouveau pen and watercolour illustration which swiftly took my eye. I loitered by the seller's stall for many minutes, admiring the artwork... its decidedly Art Nouveau organic lines and enchanting subject matter. Despite the paper being slightly foxed with age, it was perhaps the faraway stare in the eyes of the woman in the turbin that sold me. Was she in Venice, or perhaps just dreaming of Venice? Was she fictitious, or was she someone the artist loved?
I had to have it. It was returning to Perth with me.

The lovely woman from whom I bought the painting told me she had cherished this piece for approximately 40 years. She had hung it in her bedroom where it could be admired daily. I assured her that in turning this piece over to me, it would be treasured with an equal measure of devotion. The sale was made, and we left for home.

Several weeks later... today in fact, I decided to look into the artist. I like to explore the provenance of our artwork... to dig through the past as one might examine a trunk in an attic. A signature in the bottom left corner proved difficult to read, but with some helpful advice (and the keen eyes of a number of Austrian/Germanic friends), the artist's name was revealed: Husserl, Béla. 1921. I was assured the name was Hungarian in origin, despite the frame-maker's mark on the back of the artwork confirming it was framed in Vienna.

So off to google I went. Béla Husserl. One hit. Just one.
I clicked on the link which brought up a page in German (unfortunately not one of my spoken languages). "A Letter to the Stars" it read.
I opened the page in my browser, and activated the auto-translate field.
My heart sank.

"A Letter to the Stars" is an Austrian website memorialising holocaust victims and survivors.
The title read "VICTIMS" in obnoxious red, and beneath just a few lines:

Béla Husserl
Birthdate: 26.01.1898
Deported: Ybbs / Hartheim on 20.08.1940.

I sat for a few minutes and allowed the information to wash over me. Could this Béla Husserl be the very same Béla Husserl? The gifted artist who succeeded in capturing this marvellous image from the impending Art Deco age? The same man who rendered this lovely scene of a woman in a turbin with a captivating gaze. Could this be the same Béla Husserl whose life was taken at one of WWII's most horrific Nazi Euthenasia killing compounds: Schloss Hartheim? A wretched blight on the earth that housed the souls of 18,000 physically and mentally handicapped people before they were murdered?
The reality of the Haulocaust was chilling.

I may never know if this man was indeed the same man... but what I do know is that whoever he is, his art should be celebrated. I look at this illustration beneath hand-blown glass and I see an insight into his happiness. A window into his life, his dreams, his fantasy.
Was he perhaps at one time in Venice, or perhaps just dreaming of Venice?
Was the woman fictitious, or was she someone the artist loved?

If you, dear reader, recognise the name, or the art, or the signature, I ask you come forward. Béla Husserl - whoever he was - deserves an ongoing legacy.

I heard the song today that made me go back in time when I was a child in the seventies. The time was very different than now, there was no friendship on Facebook, we had real friends, played real games and didn't have to have a protective helmet riding a bike... there was no growing up wrapped in cotton wool.

The song that triggered all of this is Floyd from a film made in 1978 called National Class . The story is about a young man from Belgrade, Floyd, a car racer in the national class, and known also as a true lover. To be moved to the upper class, has to win the important race, and for that he has to defer his military service... If you want to know more you have to see it.

When this move was made I was still living in France with my parents, and Yugoslavia was a good place to live, so my mum and dad returned in 1980 back to Yugosavia, and I had great memories growing up at that time. So here I am now in Australia and I can only enjoy my memories....

Danas me je pesma podsetila vremena kad sam bila dete davnih sedamdesetih godina. Vremena su bila mnogo drugacija. Nismo imali prijatelje na facebook vec smo imali prave prijatelje, igrali smo prave igre i nismo morali da nosimo zastitne kacige dok smo vozili biciklu... mi nismo rasli pod staklenim zvonom.

Pesma koja me je vratila u vreme je Floyd iz filma Nacionalna Klasa iz 1978. Prica je tipu iz Beograda Floyd, trkac automobila u nacionalnoj klasi, koji vazi i za velikog smekera. Da bi presao u vecu klasu treba da pobedi vaznu trku. Evo deo filma gde je cas voznje 30sec. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaUuyTWWYwE&feature=youtu.be

Kad je ovaj film snimljen ja sam jos uvek zivela u francuskoj sa roditeljima i bratom i sestrom. Tada je Yugoslaija bila lepa zemlja i maji su se odlucili da se vrate 1980. Meni su u secanju jako lepe upomene bezbriznog detinjstava u to vreme. I evo me sad u Australiji gde uzivam u nostalgiji davnih vremena....


Srecna Slava Svetog Ilije

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Srecna Slava Svetog Ilije mojoj porodici u Srbiji i svima koji slave danas

Bogovidac i čudotvorac, rodom iz plemena Aronova iz grada Tesvita, zbog čega se još zove i Tesvićanin. Kada se Ilija rodio njegov otac Savah, video je oko njega anđele koji ga povijaju ognjem i hrane plamenom, što je bilo znamenje njegovog plamenog karaktera i sile ognjene. Mladost je proveo u dubokom razmišljanju i molitvi, često sam u pustinji.

U to vreme jevrejsko carstvo bilo je podeljeno na dva dela: jedno sa prestonicom u Jerusalimu, a drugo u Samariji. Sveti prorok Ilija tu se sukobio sa izrailjskim carem Ahavom i njegovom opakom ženom Jezaveljom. Oni su se klanjali idolima i odvraćali narod od prave vere. Velikim čudesima Ilija je dokazao silu i vlast Božju. Zatvorio je nebo i kiša nije padala tri i po godine, a ognjem sa neba zapalio je žrtvu Bogu svome. Molitvom je potom poslao kišu na zemlju, čudesno umnožio brašno i ulje u kući udovice u Sarepti, i vaskrsao joj umrlog sina. Caru Ahavu i njegovoj ženi Jezavelji prorekao je ružnu smrt, što im se i desilo. Na Horivu razgovarao je prorok Ilija sa Bogom i čuo mu glas. Pred smrt je uzeo za naslednika u proročkom zvanju Jelisija i, najzad, otišao na nebo u ognjenim kolima, sa ognjenim konjima.

I wish my family in Serbia Happy Saint Elijah.

The Holy Prophet Elijah is one of the greatest of the prophets and the first dedicated to virginity in the Old Testament. He was born in Tishba of Gilead into the Levite tribe 900 years before the Incarnation of the Word of God.
Orthodox Christians of all times, and in all places, have venerated the Prophet Elijah for centuries. The first church in Russia, built at Kiev under Prince Igor, was named for the Prophet Elijah. After her Baptism St Olga (July 14) built a temple of the holy Prophet Elijah in his native region, at the village of Vibuta. In iconography the Prophet Elijah is depicted ascending to Heaven in a fiery chariot, surrounded with flames, and harnessed to four winged horses. We pray to him for deliverance from drought, and to ask for seasonable weather.

1/2 c. Butter (or 113g), 1 cup of sugar, 2 eggs, 1 tsp. vanilla, 1 cup of sour cream
2 cup of all purpose flour, 1 tsp. baking powder, 1/2 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. nutmeg, 1/4 tsp. salt
, 2 cups of blueberries, 3/4 cups of chopped nuts

1/8 tsp. more nutmeg & 2 tbsp. sugar

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cream butter and gradually add the cup of sugar until light and fluffy. Add the eggs and vanilla. Fold in the sour cream. Combine the dry ingredients and gradually blend into creamed mixture. Fold in blueberries and nuts. Fill 2 1/2 inch paper-lined muffin cups half full. Combine the 2 tablespoons sugar and 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg, sprinkle over the batter in the muffin cups. Bake 20-25 minutes.

Kolaci od borovnice

113g maslaca na sobnoj temperaturi, 1 solja secera, 2 jaja, 1 kasicica vanile, 1 solja k. pavlake,

2 solje brasna, kasicica praska za pecivo, pola kasicice sode bikarbone, pola kasicice orasceta,

2 solje borovnica (ja koristim zamrznute) i 3/4 solje iseckanih oraha, badema ili lesnika.

2 kasike secera i na vrh kasicice orasceta (pomesano)

Ugrejati relnu na 200C. Penasto umutiti maslac i postepeno dodati secer da se dobije penasta masa. Dodati jaja i vanila i jos mutiti pa na kreju rucno pomesati dodatu kis. pavlaku. Sjediniti sve suve sastojke (plavi tekst) i postepeno dodati prethodnoj smesi, pa dodati borovnice i npr.orahe. Sipati u poseban pleh za Muffins koje su podmazane, ali ja koristim masni papir isecen prema meri za pleh. Pre pecenja posuti sa secerom i orascetom, peci oko 20-25min. Prijatno

I just wanted to share with you how I feel at the start of 2010. Have you ever ask your self "what would happen if I did this, insted of that?" "Who knows where I would have gone if I did this?" etc.. ?
I know we are not supposed to think like that however its quite intriging. You can almost sit down and write so many different autobiografies based on "if I was ...."
Is this the year of big changes in your life? Are you afraid to take a wrong turn? Is there a wrong turn? Or are we where we are, so we can learn something new or improve our inner self? Only time will tell!

Art by "Crossroads" (1999), by István Oroz. The work depicts crossing bridges that could not exist in the three-dimensional world. For example, there are reflections where there are no bridges to be reflected.

Htela sam sa vama da podelim misli koje me obuhvataju na pocetku ove godine. Jeste li se ikad upitali "Sta bi bilo da sam udadio ovo umesto ono?" "Ko zna gde bih stigao da sam se odlucila za to?" itd....

Znam da ne treba da razmisljamo u proslosti, ali je jako intrigantno. Tacno mozes da napises toliko razlicitih autobiografija na osnovu "Da sam tada..."
Da li je ovo godina velikih promena u vasem zivotu? Da li se bojite da napravite pogresan korak? Da li uopste i postoji pogresan korak? Jesmo li mi gde jesmo, da bismo naucili nesto novo ili zbog samopouzdanja. Vreme ce reci!


Srecna Slava Svetog Jovana

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Свети Јован прославља се неколико пута у години, но највише свечара има овога дана. Међу личностима јеванђелским, које окружавају Спаситеља, личност Јована Крститеља заузима сасвим засебно место, како по начину свога доласка у свет, тако и по начину живота у свету, и по улози крштавања људи за покајање и крштења Месије, и тако најзад по своме трагичном изласку из овог живота. Он је био такве моралне чистоте да се, ваистину, пре могао назвати ангелом, како га Свето Писмо и назива, него ли смртним човеком. Од свих осталих пророка свети Јован се разликује нарочито тиме што је он имао ту срећу да је могао и руком показати свету Онога кога је пророковао. За руку светог Јована прича се да ју је сваке године на дан светитељев архијереј износио пред народ. Понекад се та рука јављала раширена, а понекад и згрчена. У првом случају означавала је родну и обилну годину, а у другом неродну и гладну.

Ikona je sa http://www.byzantika.com/ moja interpertacija Svetog Jovana.

By an Old Calendar today is John the Baptist in (Hebrew: יוחנן המטביל, Arabic: يحيىYahyá AND يوحنا Yūhannā al-mamadan in arabic, Aramaic: ܝܘܚܢܢ Yokhanan) was an itinerant preacher and a major religious figure who led a movement of Baptism at the Jordan River in expectation of a divine apocalypse that would restore occupied Israel. John was an historical figure who lived until the year 36 and followed the example of previous Hebrew prophets, living austerely, challenging sinful rulers, calling for repentance and promising God's justice. John is regarded as a prophet inChristianity, Islam, the Bahá'í Faith and Mandaeism.
Photo is Icon from www.Byzantika.com my work.

Мир Божији Христос се Роди!
Srecno Badnje vece i Bozic svom pravoslavnom narodu sirom s

Happy Christmas Eve. Orthodox Christians in Serbia continue to observe the old Julian calendar dates, so tonight we celabrate Christmas Eve.
Christmas Eve is when the traditional oak log - badnjak - is brought to the family hearth.The house is decorated with oak branches with their leaves, representing the wish of the family for a long and healthy life "with health strong as oak, and with a life long as that of the oak."

Odmor je bio pa prosao i ja sam se vratila ikonopisanju. Evo i fotografije moje poslednje ikone koju sam zavrsila proslog petka (lak se jos nije osusio). Ikona je naslikana
na starom drvenom podu iz kuce koje je iz perioda 1600, slikano je na tradicionalni nacin i oko vrata je slikano tecnim zlatom. Ikona je velicine 45-50cm i na prodaju je u galeriji za sumu od €560, takodje se moze kupiti direktno od mene, posalji email
za dodatna pitanja.

As soon as I had rested from my holiday, I started painting icons again. Here is my latest one that I finished last Friday (the varnish is still wet on it in the final photo). It has been painted on the old wooden floor boards from a house build in 1600... its painted in the traditional method, and the detail around the neck with liquid gold. This icon is about 45-50cm and its for sale in the gallery for €560. It can be also purchased by contacting me directly - please email me for more information.


Relaxing, Odmor

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To all my dear friends and readers of my blog, I have been on holiday for the last 3 weeks and will be back home in 2 weeks. Untill then here is the photo I took today in Vienna-Schonbrunn Palace with my mobile Samsung U700, hope you like it.

Moji dragi prijatelji i citaoci mog bloga, ja sam na odmoru vec 3 nedelje i vracam se tek za 2. Do tada evo fotografija koju sam fotografisala danas (u vrtu Beckog dvorca Schonbrunn) mojim mobilnim Samsung U700, nadam se da vam se svidja.

How many times in one night can I see a tv comercial for protecting animals?? Well almost one every hour! How many times can I see a tv comercial for protecting and fighting against human trafficking?? NONE!! And I have more than 50 channels!! WHY ?? WHY is an animal more important?! WHY IS A HUMAN LIFE OF SUCH A SMALL IMPORTANCE TO GOVERNMENTS AND TV COMPANES?? WHEN DID THE WORLD BECOME SUCH AN UGLY PLACE? THINK ABOUT IT!!

"As many as 200,000 people are trafficked in Europe every year, the majority are women and girls who are forced into prostitution. In Europe, girls and young women are particularly at risk from criminals who promise good jobs or study and then force the victims to be prostitutes. The criminals profit while the girls and women suffer rape and other physical and mental violence. Human trafficking is so common now that it’s the third most profitable criminal activity in the world after illegal drugs and arms trafficking. Victims do not agree to be trafficked – they are tricked - lured by false promises - or forced.
The trafficker takes away the basic human rights of the victim: the freedom to move, to choose, to control her body and mind, and to control her future. Do not confuse trafficking with smuggling. A smuggler will facilitate illegal entry into a country for a fee, but on arrival at their destination, the smuggled person is free; the trafficking victim is enslaved."(QUOTE FROM MTV)

Koliko puta u toku jedne veceri pustaju reklamu na tv za zastitu zivotinja? Svaki sat po jednu!!! Koliko puta u toku jedne veceri pustaju reklamu na tv za zastitu i borbu protiv TRGOVINE LJUDIMA ??? NIJEDNU!!!! A JA IMAM PREKO 50 KANALA!! ZASTO?? ZASTO SU ZIVOTINJE VISE VAZNE??? ZASTO JE LJUDSKI ZIVOT OD TAKO MALE VAZNOSTI VLASTIMA I TV KOMPANIJAMA?? ODAKAD JE SVET POSTAO TAKO RUZAN?? RAZMISLI O TOME!!!

"Svake godine u Evropi biva prodano gotovo 200 hiljada pojedinaca, a većinu ih čine žene i devojke koje su primorane na prostituciju.
U Evropi devojkama i mladim ženama preti posebna opasnost od kriminalaca koji im obećavaju dobre poslove ili studiranje, a koji ih zatim prisiljavaju da budu prostitutke. Kriminalci profitiraju dok se devojke i žene siluju ili dok trpe druge oblike fizičkog i psihičkog nasilja. Trgovina ljudima je danas toliko uobičajena da predstavlja treću najprofitabilniju kriminalnu aktivnost u svetu, posle trgovine drogom i oružjem. Žrtve ne pristaju da budu prodane – one su prevarene – namamljene uz lažna obećanja – ili prisiljene. Trgovac ljudima žrtvi oduzima osnovna ljudska prava: slobodu kretanja, izbora, kontrole sopstvenog tela i duha, i kontrolu sopstvene budućnosti.
Nemojte da brkate trgovinu ljudima i krijumčarenje. Krijumčar će omogućiti nezakonit ulaz u zemlju uz novčanu naknadu, ali je po dolasku na odredište krijumčarena osoba slobodna; žrtva trgovine ljudima je pretvorena u roba." (CITAT SA MTV)


Danas je moja porodicna slava Sveti Prorok Ilija a levo na slici je ikona koju je moj suprug uradio za nasu porodicu u Srbiji. Mi nazalost nismo ovog puta u Srbiji, ali zato cemo da proslavljamo u septembru kad se svi zajedno skupimo.
Sveti prorok Ilija je rodom iz Aronoba iz grada Tesvita. Po predanju, kada se Ilija rodio, njegov otac Sabah je video oko njega anđele koji ga povijaju ognjem i hrane plamenom, što je bilo znamenje njegovog plamenog karaktera i sile ognjene. Mladost je proveo u dubokom razmišljanju i molitvi, često sam u pustinji.

Today is my slava Sveti Prorok Ilija (on the left is Icon my husband painted for our family in Serbia). Unfortunately this year we can't be in Serbia with the rest of our family, but we will celebrate next month when we get there.
The slava (слава), also called krsna slava (крсна слава) is the Serbian Orthodox tradition of the ritual celebration, veneration and observance of a family’s own patron saint. The family celebrates the slava annually on the patron saint's feast day. The slava is regarded a Serbian tradition.

Saint Elijah was born in Aronoba from the city Tesvita. By legend, when he was born, his father Sabah saw angels around him that wrapped and fed him with flames and fire, which was a sign of his power and force of fire. He spend youth in deep thought and prayer, and often alone in the desert.
As Elijah was described as ascending into heaven in a fiery chariot. In many Slavic countries Elijah is known as Elijah the Thunderer (Ilija Gromovnik), who drives the heavens in a chariot and administers rain, storms, thunder and lightning bolts.


Opening of the gallery - Otvaranje Galerije

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Here are few photos from this weekend. It was the opening of the gallery Lind&James. There I have few of my Art works on display and for sale. I was glad that I had an opportunity to show something that most of galleries here don't have.
Evo i fotografija sa izlozbe koja je bila proteklog vikenda u galeriji Lind&James. Tu imam nekoliko svojih radova na izlaganju i na prodaju. Jako mi je bilo drago sto sam imala priliku da im prikazem nesto sto vecina Danskih galerija nema.


White Angel, Beli andjeo

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My Icon is inspired by the most famous frescoes in Serbian culture (its also the only one in the world). It depicts an angel sitting in front of the tomb of Christ.

White Angel (Serbian: Бели анђео) is a fresco from the Mileseva monastery, circa 1222-1228 AD in Serbia, Myrrhbearers on Christ's Grave (Mironosnice na Hristovom grobu).

Icon is showing the angel, dressed in white, who greeted the Myrrh-bearing women when they came to Christ's tomb. Sitting calmly, the angel of the Resurrection points out the empty tomb to the holy women, who withdrew in terror on beholding the sight. He then commanded them to tell the disciples that the Lord is risen from the dead. This famous icon is from a wall painting called in that monastery "The Holy Women at the Tomb." This monastery has frescoes by the most skillful artists of that time and belongs to a Latin period in Byzantine art. On the link below is the original frescoes from Mileseva monastery.

Evo i deo deo ikone koju sam zavrsila sinoc, naravno ne treba puno govoriti nasim ljudima o ikoni koja je ne samo deo nase kulture nego i deo nas. Ja sam jako ponosna sto sam ovu ikonu spremila za izlozbu jer predstavlja moje poreklo i prikazuje dancima deo nase istorije.
Za vise informacija o ikoni na linku: http://sr.wikipedia.org/sr-el/%D0%91%D0%B5%D0%BB%D0%B8_%D0%B0%D0%BD%D1%92%D0%B5%D0%BE


Work in progress/ Rad je u toku

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Just wanted to give you a small window into my life of painting a new piece for my exhibition.... only 11 days to go (when this painting is done I will post a photo here).

Samo sam htela na brzaka da vam se javim i pokazem sta se desava i moj rad u procesu. Ovu ikonu svi prepoznajete i radim je za izlozbu... jos samo 11 dana to tada (cim zavrsim ikonu stavicu sliku ovde)