Taste buds...

Morning. Outside the air is filled with haze and fog... t
here is not a sound of birds - only traffic. On this kind of day, would you ever think that your taste buds can make you go out in the cold (while its snowing) and light the BBQ ?

Well yes it can! I had that urge today; my taste buds woke up and
wanted fire roasted red peppers! After the peppers have been roasted on the grill (their ski
n totally blackened), place them in a dish with a lid and leave it to sweat and cool a bit before peeling the skin off. After the skin has been removed, I crush a clove or two of garlic and mix it in the bowl with vinegar, salt and oil; coat all the peppers - and the rest of the mix I pour over them and serve, or leave in the fridge for a while. YUM!!

It's a very common side dish in Serbia, you would usually roast peppers on the big old stove tops and use them on the same day, or freeze them or make a pepper chutney or relish called Ajvar. I will always remember the air filled with the sweet smell of the peppers being roasted, mixed with the smoke of all the wood fire stoves.

I had to think for a moment - was it just my taste buds, or me wanting part of home?


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Pat said...

Ahhhh...pecene paprike! I LOVE these.


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